Craziest Facts about Facebook that You Would Want to Know

Posted: June 26, 2012 in News, Technology
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Amidst so many things said and heard, Business insider has collected some crazy facts about Facebook that have made the company a treat for the readers.

Let’s take a look at 26 such facts that kept the giant social network in the news.

1. Facebooks Worth would be more than eBay, Yahoo, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, IAC, AOL, Zynga and Pandora combined, when

it goes public


2. Eduardo Saverin, the Brazilian co founder of Facebook has renounced his US citizenship and is now investing billions in startups at Singapore.

3. Of all the incredible talents that Zuckerberg is bestowed with, his greatest and what seems to be his favorite is Firing People.

4. About 60 percent of the voting power at Facebook is controlled by Zuckerberg.

5. The big shot media company Viacom had offered to acquire Facebook, but was rejected by Mark Zuckerberg.

6. After agreeing to an acquisition offer from Yahoo while it was led by Terry Semel, Facebook staepped down from the deal when there were talks of lowering the offer price.

7. The Microsoft CEO, steve Ballmer had offered to buy Facebook. Steve has invested $240 million in Facebook till date.

8. Facebook interviewed Yahoo executive Ellen Siminoff, Apple veteran Bud Colligan, and former OpenTable CEO Jeff Jordan for the position of COO which is now held by Sheryl Sandberg.

9. Steve jobs had to cancel the presentation that he had offered Facebook for the iphone application in 2008. Jobs, who had expected Zuckerberg to do the presentation was disappointed by the audition of the engineer who was selected by the Facebook CEO.

10. Maintaining his reputation of having a a bad fashion sense, Zuckerberg wore a hoodie to the meeting with wall street investors.

11. In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg took CEO lessons to improve his managerial skills.

12. Mark Zuckerberg is said to be a big time Glee fan.


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