MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012

How To Clean Your RAM Using Notepad


Cleaning your RAM using notepad

Many friends of me ask where can I download a software which can keep my RAM free? And I found these software are nothing but using some lines of code which can be implemented by using notepad or any editor tool. So if any one does not have any software, you can use it by doing the following things which I am going to mention.

Steps to Clean Your RAM Using Notepad:

Step 1: Open Notepad
Step 2: Type FreeMem=Space(10240000000)
Step 3: Save it as “CLEANER.VBS” in any location you like.
Step 4: You can edit the code and write 512 instead of 1024 if you own a 512mb RAM or change to anything you like.
Step 5: Run it !

After this final step your RAM will be free.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)
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  1. ryry3691 says:

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    It’s funny cause it works

  2. aashu14 says:

    Excellent..trick..i did it…thank much…..good work bro!!!!!

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    Ram free

  4. jewelianna says:

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    how nifty!!

  5. So what exactly does freeing ram do? Does it make your comp run faster or does it just free up memory space?

  6. to carlosriverraanimator:
    your question has answer dude…
    If your ram has free memory than automaticly your comp wil be run faster than b4.

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